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Your vision, my music

Looking for a piano performer for weddings, cocktails, or private events, or are you looking for original music for your upcoming game? You are at the right place!

What I offer

Private events performance

As a skilled piano improviser, my goal is to create music that suits the mood and atmosphere of your event. 

So if you are looking for a piano improviser who can bring energy and elegance to your private event, wedding reception, cocktail or any other type of event, don't hesitate to book me

I am based in Montreal, Canada.

Game Music

Music plays an important role in a game’s development. To some people, a soundtrack is 50% of a video game. My role is to translate your imagination, gameplay and images into music.

I am specialized in solo piano composition and minimal orchestral music.

-My music style is especially well-suited for RPG, adventure and platformer games.

Take a look at my portfolio section to discover my musical compositions for indie games.


If you’re interested in having the rights to original compositions already made available on streaming platforms, please DM me.

You can also download my royalty-free music over here all free of charge. If you use my music for short movies, please send me videos so I promote it. 

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